Sunday, January 7

lintil's master shopping list (or, how my mind works)

so sad. i haven't been here in SO long. :( but, it's a "new year" so i feel the time is ripe...

in the past few months, i have been trying to become more and more organized (or perhaps anal and compulsive :D ). i have been trying to keep track of things: what i do with my time, what i spend, exercise, and what i eat and how much i spend on food (it's a lot, because i eat out a lot) in order to know how to spend my time and money better.

one of the organizing and/or compulsive tools that i came up with (and which professional organizers actually suggest) is having a master shopping list. i realized i needed this after going grocery shopping and i'd be getting the same things, and thus, writing out the same shopping list, or using previous shopping lists. so, here's my master shopping list categorized by function (not recommended by professional organizers; they recommend to organize it by location in your grocery store so that you're not walking back and forth all over the store!). i've included the places where i buy things. :D NF= no frills, CT=chinatown, BS=bulk store, CC: Carrot Common (health food store), KM=kensington market

NF: oats
NF: brown sugar
CT: bananas

NF: pita
CC: sundried tomato spread
NF: vegan cheese

NF: bread
NF: jam
BS: peanut butter

crispy fried tofu:
CT: firm tofu
BS: nutritional yeast
CT: beans
CT: garlic
CT: soy sauce

mutton curry:
KM: veggie mutton
CT: soft tofu
CT: dau fu bok (tofu balloon-type things)
KM: potatoes
NF: mushrooms
CT: carrots
CT: nappa
CT: tomatoes
CT: ginger
NF: soy milk
CT: curry paste

noodle soup:
CT: noodles
CT: bean sprouts
CT: dong gu mushrooms

CT: rice
NF: oil

i added today (which i may or may not ever buy again):
NF: pasta - to use up sharmalade's tomato sauce while she's gone
NF: avocado - i guess for guacamole? i made some the other day with friends and i have sharm's leftover lemon. cooking with friends totally increases my confidence with cooking.
NF: broccoli - for the pasta dish i made today.

so there you have it. simple, simple, simple. now you have an idea of how i eat: same thing for brekky everyday (oatmeal), some snacks (bread/pita and spread that can also be a fast brekky) and basically 3 different meals, because that's about all i can handle. :D crispy fried tofu is my mainstay; i LOVE mutton curry but it takes so long to make so i have been avoiding it; and noodle soup i still have to master. :D

lately i have taken up making crispy fried tofu sandwiches with soft tofu instead of firm, and adding on fried mushrooms and other veggies. yum!!! i used to cook more pasta in the past, but i didn't grow up eating pasta dishes, and i've been wanting to focus more on things like what i did eat while growing up. (i.e. i didn't grow up eating mutton curry, but it's mom food. :)

but the pasta worked well today: fried up broccoli and carrots ("hard" veggies), when tender, added in mushrooms ("soft" veggie) and garlic (quick cooking), added in pasta sauce, then added in cooked spaghetti (which boiled while the veggies were cooking) to heat up the sauce and mix everything in. once cooked, i dumped a pile of nutritional yeast on it - YUM! (n. yeast is a vegan alternative to parmesan cheese, tastes better, and has loads of B12. :)

i used to be more complicated with my cooking, which resulted in buying things that i wouldn't end up using and having things go bad in the fridge. that's why i want to just be REAL simple now and take tiny steps to build my repetoire. :D i don't even have onions or watercress in there!

someday i will add in packed lunches and expand my snack repetoire. :D (i want that to be fruits, etc.: apples, oranges, grapefruit, pomelo, chestnuts, peanuts...) again, i want to be careful about what i buy so that i will eat the things before they go bad! (dry peanuts don't go bad at least. i bought a bag in september, forgot about it (see what i mean?) and finally ate them last week or so.)

so what does your master shopping list look like? what's your approach to cooking and feeding yourself?


At 2:57 PM, Blogger been said...

wow, i'm nowhere near as organized on you on this. as i think i've mentioned in another post, though, i wish i had my act together more on eating habits/schedules etc. i think i'm a bit sporadic. i guess i eat out way less than i was in the summer, which is a good thing...


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