Sunday, September 24

Mutton Curry

I decided to make a simple textured vegetable protein (TVP) curry for lunch yesterday. It comes dry, and needs to be soaked in hot water for about 15 minutes before it becomes reconstituted.

So I soaked a handful, and 15 minutes later, I started the curry. I started off with onions, garlic, pepper, curry powder and garam masala. Start off by frying all of these ingredients in some oil. Then drain the TVP and throw it into the pot.

Then I remembered the potatoes. A few weeks ago, I decided that what we really needed was a giant bag of potatoes, which was on sale at the time. Since then, I've felt this enormous pressure to put potatoes into everything. So I peeled and diced the potatoes, and threw those into the pot as well. Added water to cover all the ingredients, and let it simmer. Oh, and green onions and some salt can go in at this point as well.

But then, as it was simmering, I thought...hmmm... I had some green beans that I got a week ago that won't last much longer. I never EVER eat green beans as a full dish. Only when they're in something else, and rarely a whole green bean. So I chopped up all the green beans into very small bits and threw those into the pot.

Realizing that a carrot would probably go well with this 'simple' curry that was simmering away, I chopped one up and threw it in.

At this point, there was WAY too much curry for one person, so I asked Lintil if she wanted some (she was sitting in her pink room; note: red curtains + bright sunlight = pink room), and of course she said "YEAH!". The deal was that she had to make the rice. She knows how to make rice with the right amount of water so that it comes out all fluffy and dry. I always use the 'pasta' method: throw in as much water as possible, and drain it afterwards.

So Lintil made the rice, which actually DIDN'T have the right amount of water afterall, and so at the end, she had this toasted sort of rice pancake at the bottom of the pot.

But in the process of making the rice, Lintil said "Why don't we throw some of the mutton in??" She had this TVP stewed mutton in the freezer that she got from King's Cafe in Kensington. It is by far the best TVP I've ever had. I don't remember what mutton tastes like, but this 'stewed mutton' had fantastic texture and the flavour is really yummy.

And this is how we ended up with mutton curry for lunch yesterday.


At 3:34 PM, Blogger rabfish said...

this post cracks me up.


did the toasted rice pancake come from too much or not enough water?

At 7:01 PM, Blogger sharmalade said...

i think it was too little water. we probably took it off as it was about to burn, so it was just a round solid clump of rice, brown on the bottom, in the shape of the pot. i don't know what went wrong...lintil makes good rice!

At 12:32 PM, Blogger been said...

the simple curry that was not so simple after all!

i'm going to have to try some of this mutton. i grew up eating lots of mutton. it's quite the stinky meat.

i think i've had the rice pancake thing happen before...often with fried rice though. i think the amt of water you put in depends on the kind of rice. for ex, with basmati it's always double the amount of water. with some other rice i think it's just a 1:1 ratio. also, i've learned the hard way that (but i still mess up sometimes):
-always cook rice in the smallest pot possible. if the pot is too big rice will burn. REALLY IMPORTANT.
-cook it covered
-you shouldn't really stir cooking rice, but don't be afraid to if it looks like it's sticking
-you have to adjust the heat at various points...higher heat till it boils, then lower while it simmers, and minimal after the holes show up etc..i always forget at which moments exactly you adjust the heat.
-if there's still water left at the end you can put the pot in a pan of hot water on low heat so it gently dries up without burning

At 1:48 PM, Blogger sharmalade said...

been! how do you know so much about cooking rice?! i thought it was easier just to strain the water out at the end, but the quality is much much better when it's cooked with the right amount of water! good hints!

At 10:42 PM, Blogger rabfish said...

i've heard that in some kinds of iranian /afghani rice dishes the burned bit at the bottom is the yummy part that you serve broken up on top...

At 2:05 PM, Blogger lintil said...

mmmm... mutton. i love this mutton. it's expensive though. $9 for a bag, which is smaller than a big bag of chips. (mmm... chips. :D ) anyhoo.

I DO NOT HAVE A PINK ROOM! it's red! red! red!!!

anyhoo, the rice got a bit burnt because i let it cook for a bit too long. i was sitting in my RED room thinking RED thoughts. :D

been, you really do know the fine art of cooking rice. *bows before you* :D

At 3:11 PM, Blogger sharmalade said...

the mutton has lasted quite a while: we've eaten it 2-3 times so far, and there's still about half a bag left in the freezer. i find it a bit intense.

your CURTAINS are red! the light that comes through them is PINK! not dark and moody and red and orange, just PINK! hehe


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