Wednesday, September 6

the beets discuss

The beets crew put together a submission for Third Space's food issue back in March. We will be posting instalments of this submission over the next few weeks. These are reflections on cooking, vegetarianism, identity, fusion, culture, our mothers, and, of course, politics. This fourth installment is about our mothers.

IV. Moms

sharmalade: I became vegetarian when I was 10. My mother became obsessed with the idea of protein. Was I getting enough? How could I get more? What kinds of food contain protein anyway? Never having used tofu before, she started experimenting – deep-fried tofu curry, Caribbean-style (it was awful). She put cheese and tofu and chickpeas into everything. Have YOU ever had chow mein with melted processed cheese, silken tofu and canned chickpeas?

lintil: My mom does her thing, and I wish I knew what it was. I want to learn to cook her dishes, to satisfy my palate; and sensory-memory but there is something about having someone cook for you – the food tastes better, and I don’t know if I could ever get the same satisfaction with myself! I like when my mom asks me if I want chestnuts/sweet potatoes/tapioca/peanuts/ tofu/mango (I call these mom snacks). Then she cooks it/slices it and we eat at the kitchen table. Aw.

been: My mom doesn’t think I cook “real” food. She thinks I cook “kid” food, which to her is basically all non-brown food. So for a long while, even though I was cooking for myself, and getting complemented on that cooking, I thought I couldn’t cook. Through the beets go on, I’ve challenged this assumption in myself. I’m a fuckin’ rocking cook! (And a few weeks ago, my mom finally complemented my cooking. Score!).


At 1:23 PM, Blogger rabfish said...

i like this post.

yay for mom finally clueing in been cooks awesomely :)


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